Xavier Lofton Interview
Sr. / Arkansas Pine-Bluff / LB-S

Updated - 4-7-14

By: Alex Khvatov


Alex Khvatov:  What are your measurements (height, weight and forty time)?
Xavier Lofton:  I am 5’11, 205 and I run a 4.6. 
Alex Khvatov:  What schools showed interest in you when you were coming out of high school?
Xavier Lofton:  Mississippi Valley and a private college in Mississippi.    
Alex Khvatov:  Describe your career with the Golden Lions. 
Xavier Lofton:  I came to Arkansas-Pine Bluff as a student.  But I wanted to play football for them.  I worked out for the team.  They realized that I could play.  I got my chance.  Two years after that, I am making history.  We won the SWAC Championship during my junior season.  It was the first Championship for the school.  During my senior year, we went through a rough season.  I had a good amount of tackles last year. 
Alex Khvatov:  Where are you currently training for the NFL Draft?
Xavier Lofton:  At Arkansas-Pine Bluff.      
Alex Khvatov:  You have your pro day on April 14th, what are some of the goals that you have set for yourself? 
Xavier Lofton:  I think very highly of myself.  I have to put up consistent numbers.  I am shooting for 20 reps on the bench press and trying to get my forty time down to a 4.4.  I am trying to get my shuttle time down to a 4.1.  I also wanted to jump at least a 38-inch vertical.    
Alex Khvatov:  What are your strengths?
Xavier Lofton:  I am football savvy and I find the ball. 
Alex Khvatov:  What areas of your game do you need to improve upon?
Xavier Lofton:  I need to improve my hips and cover a wide range of area better. 
Alex Khvatov:  What is the highlight of your football career up to this point?
Xavier Lofton:  Got to be the hit in the Championship that changed the game.  There was six seconds left on the clock before halftime, and they were on the 30-yard line.  We called the blitz, and I hit the QB.  I came off the edge and caused a fumble.  My teammate returned the fumble for a touchdown.  We won the Championship Game by a final score of 24-21.   
Alex Khvatov:  What is your favorite NFL team?
Xavier Lofton:  Baltimore Ravens
Alex Khvatov:  Who is your favorite NFL player?
Xavier Lofton:  Ray Lewis.  I met him in person.  I met him in Little Rock, Arkansas at a Christian convention.  He was a spiritual speaker.  He talked about his trials and tribulations.     
Alex Khvatov:  What separates you from all of the other players at your position?
Xavier Lofton:  My ability to play in the box, tackle and engage with offensive linemen.
Alex Khvatov:  Do you plan to make the switch from LB to safety at the next level because of your size?
Xavier Lofton:  I know that I am undersized, but it has helped me in my quest to get to this point.  I am working on my drops and safety drills.  I am working on my cuts and breaks.  I am working out from a DB standpoint. 
Alex Khvatov:  Who was the toughest player that you have faced during your career?
Xavier Lofton:  Alabama State RB Isaiah Crowell.  He came from Georgia. 
Alex Khvatov:  Which underclassman on your team should we keep an eye on next season?
Xavier Lofton:  Our QB Benjamin Anderson.  He is a natural leader.  He has all of the physical gifts and he can run.  He is talented. 
Alex Khvatov:  What do you enjoy most about playing football?
Xavier Lofton:  I enjoy all of the aspects.  I like making plays, the discipline aspect and the hard hits.  I truly have a love for the game and this sport. 
Alex Khvatov:  What does it feel like to be a small fish in a large pond?
Xavier Lofton:  It is a humbling experience.  I have been humble all of my life.  You have to be really thankful for the breaks that you get.
Alex Khvatov:  What are your hobbies?
Xavier Lofton:  I am a country boy.  I like to go fishing.  I go horse riding.  I like to read and play video games. 
Alex Khvatov:  What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in life so far?
Xavier Lofton:  If you want to get far in life, you have to be disciplined.  You have to be on time.  You have to dress a certain way and act a certain way.  That is what life has taught me. 
Alex Khvatov:  Finish the sentence, Xavier Lofton is….
Xavier Lofton:  I am a humble playmaker. 


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