Robert Herron Interview
WR / Wyoming / Sr.

Updated - 10-28-13

By: Lou Montagna


Lou Montagna:  Give us your height, weight, and your fastest 40-time?
Robert Herron:  5’10”, 187lbs, 4.28. 
Lou Montagna:  Being from LA, what do you like most about living in Wyoming?
Robert Herron:  There are not a lot of things to do out here, so we spend a lot of time together as a team.  This gives us a bond that some other schools may not form.
Lou Montagna:  Sum up your season up so far.
Robert Herron:  It’s been average.  I’ve done some good things but I’ve left a lot plays out there.
Lou Montagna:  What are your goals for the remainder of the season?
Robert Herron:  I’m going to do everything that I can to make them the best games of my career.  Make every play possible, fight for every extra yard, and win every game.

Lou Montagna:  What’s been the difference between your junior and senior seasons?
Robert Herron:  Last year I played in the slot, this year I’m mostly on the outside.  I feel that I’m a better player having played both, even though my numbers looked a little better last year.

Lou Montagna:  List your strengths as a player.
Robert Herron:  My speed and separation skills.  Also, my versatility, I can play inside or outside at receiver.  I return kicks and I’ve played running back here.

Lou Montagna:  Which things do you need to work on the most?
Robert Herron:  Honestly, everything because you can never be perfect.  Specifically, timing, hand-positioning on low-balls, and refining every route that I run.

Lou Montagna:  As a freshman against UNLV you were carried off on a stretcher, what was going through your mind?
Robert Herron:  I was playing RB at the time.  I got hit and blacked-out for a minute.   I was never really afraid for my life, but I was just surprised that it happened.  I was able to answer all the questions they were asking me. I was stable, it was just a shock.

Lou Montagna:  Who are some of your favorite players to watch?
Robert Herron:  DeSean Jackson, Victor Cruz, Steve Smith, AJ Green.  I feel that I can learn from seeing them play and incorporating some of what they do into my game.

Lou Montagna:  Which player in the NFL do you think your game is the closest to?
Robert Herron:  Percy Harvin because of the versatility.

Lou Montagna:  Fill in the blank, “Robert Herron will_________________”
Robert Herron:  Be successful in life.


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