Phillip Thomas
Sr. / Fresno State / Safety

Updated - 11-5-12

By: Alex Khvatov


Alex Khvatov:  What are your measurements (height, weight and forty time)?  

Phillip Thomas:  6’1, 210, 4.50.         


Alex Khvatov:  What made you choose Fresno State when you were coming out of high school?

Phillip Thomas:  It was mainly because of the coaching staff.  They really cared for me.  It was close to home.  It wouldn’t be hard for me to get back to family.  I love the competition that they play against.   


Alex Khvatov:  How difficult was it for you to miss last season with an injury and see your team struggle?

Phillip Thomas:  It was very difficult for me.  It was pretty devastating for me for awhile.  I was pretty depressed.  Every week, I would go to the games and watch from the sidelines.  I just wished that I was out there with my teammates.  It was difficult to see them struggle out there.  It was also difficult to see them play and have fun because I wasn’t a part of it on the field.          


Alex Khvatov:  Describe your senior season to us from a team and individual standpoint so far. 

Phillip Thomas:  From a team standpoint, it is not done yet.  But I am happy with where we are at.  We are in control of our destiny as far as winning the conference.  Individually, I feel that I am having a great season.  I am happy with the plays that I have made.  I have made those plays because of my teammates.  I am not the only one out there on the field.  I am just excited to have all of these plays and all of these interceptions.  It has just been amazing this year.      


Alex Khvatov:  You lead the nation with seven interceptions thus far, how proud are you of that accomplishment?

Phillip Thomas:  I am really proud, man.  It comes from being coached by Tim McDonald.  He has been teaching us things in the secondary.  We have been getting our hands on the ball this year and making plays.  It is a good title to have in leading the nation in interceptions.  I never thought that I would have that title.  I feel great about it.            


Alex Khvatov:  What is the highlight of your career up to this point?

Phillip Thomas:  Up to this point, it has been this year.  I missed last year with an injury.  My sophomore season was alright, but I was young.  My senior season has been amazing for me.  I have been having fun.  I have been happy to be back out there on the field.  I have been making a lot of plays on the field.          


Alex Khvatov:  What are your strengths?

Phillip Thomas:  I am a safety that does everything pretty well.  I feel that I cover like a corner and I still come down into the box and deliver a hit.  The way I move my feet for a big guy is corner like in a sense.  I think that I have a lot of upside in my coverage ability.     


Alex Khvatov:  What areas of your game do you need to improve upon?

Phillip Thomas:  Open field tackling.  I feel that I stand too high in the open field.  I need to sink my hips a little bit more against the ball carrier.  I just need to make a good tackle in the open field. 


Alex Khvatov:  What separates you from all of the other players at your position?

Phillip Thomas:  Knowing the game.  I understand what’s happening out there on the field.  I feel that I am a student of the game.  I know the game very well.    


Alex Khvatov:  Describe your teammate junior QB Derek Carr. 

Phillip Thomas:  He is an outstanding guy on and off-the-field.  He is a student of the game.  He is always studying film.  He is always asking me about different coverages and what defenses are trying to do.  He has amazing arm strength.  He can make any type of throw on the field.  He is also a good runner.        


Alex Khvatov:  What do you enjoy most about playing college football?

Phillip Thomas:  I enjoy traveling.  You get a chance to go all around the world.  You have the chance to go to different cities and experience those things.  Not many people get a chance to travel like us.  You put in a lot of work, but I get to see a lot of different areas in the world.  It is pretty cool. 


Alex Khvatov:  What is your definition of a leader?

Phillip Thomas:  A leader is a person that can give orders, but can also take them.  It is someone who leads by example.  A leader has to know how to follow at times.  It is someone that can call someone out, but can also take it like a man when they are being called out.      


Alex Khvatov:  What are your hobbies?

Phillip Thomas:  Away from the football field, I like to go to my friend’s house and my teammates’ houses.  I like to play video games.  We put in a lot of hours on the football field.  So when I am away, I feel that I am really away from football.  I just relax and chill.  I go and have fun. 


Alex Khvatov:  Finish the sentence, Phillip Thomas is….

Phillip Thomas:  A goofy, really funny guy that smiles a lot off-the-field.  But when I get in-between those white lines on Saturday, I am a maniac.  I go crazy.  I am fierce and I play like a totally different person. 



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