Nate Askew Interview
Sr. / Texas A&M / LB

Updated - 4-2-14

By: Lou Montagna


6'3" 239 lbs
Pro-Day Results: 4.45/40, 38" vertical, 18 reps, 10'6" Broad Jump
Lou Montagna:  You were a big-time recruit at WR, how did you choose Texas A&M?
Nate Askew:  I tried my best not to go to A&M.  My mom talked me into visiting because it was close to home.  I fell in love with the place immediately.  Then I met Coach Sherman and I knew it was the place for me.  I chose A&M over Oklahoma State and Miami.

Lou Montagna
:  Sum up your first three years at A&M and the switch to defense.
Nate Askew:  Coach Sherman had a pro-style offense, which took me some time to adapt to.  Freshman year I was getting my feet wet on offense.  I played behind Jeff Fuller and spent most of my time on special-teams.  Sophomore season I was much more comfortable with the scheme, I caught a few and scored a TD.  Junior year was going to be my time to shine, Coach Sumlin came in and brought the spread offense which I wasn't really a fit for and I didn't play much at all.  Before my senior year, Coach asked me to consider moving to defense.  I had never played on that side of the ball, so I thought about transferring.  I reached out to Sean Porter, Damontre Moore, and Von Miller about the change.  Playing OLB seemed like the way the NFL was going, so I told Coach I'd give it a shot.  I loved it from the first practice and the rest is history.

Lou Montagna
:  What were the most important lessons that you learned with the Aggies?
Nate Askew:  The biggest thing is to remain open-minded and to get out of your comfort zone.  You expect things to be a certain way, but then it changes.  You have to be able to adapt and keep working.  Don't make excuses, do whatever the team needs you to do and don't be selfish.

Lou Montagna
:  You played in the NFLPA All-Star game, what did you take from that experience?
Nate Askew:  The week of practice with the pro coaching was very helpful to me.  I caught on very quickly.  I learned the importance of doing "my job" first and everything else will take care of itself if everyone does the same.  Also, Bill Polian was there covering the game, he told me that I have a real chance of making it in the league because of my athletic ability.

Lou Montagna
: Where have you been working out, leading up to your pro-day?
Nate Askew:  Down in Miami with Pete Bommarito at his Performance Center. 

Lou Montagna
:  You had a great pro-day, what did you hear from the scouts?
Nate Askew:  Aaron Glenn from the Jets (former Aggie) pulled me aside and told me the only knock I have is my lack of experience playing OLB.  Also, he could see someone drafting me because of my athleticism, and I can make a name on special-teams, at first.

Lou Montagna
:  How about private workouts and visits?
Nate Askew:  The teams that I'm scheduling visits with are: Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Oakland and Carolina

Lou Montagna
:  What part of your game needs the most work?
Nate Askew:  Playing inside "the box".  I was an edge guy last season, rushed the passer and dropped in coverage.  I played in a 4-3 at the NFLPA game, playing the SAM.  It took me to the end of the week to really get the hang of it.

Lou Montagna
:  Is there a player in the NFL that you see yourself emulating?
Nate Askew:  The Texans run a similar scheme as A&M, so Brooks Reed.  Also, Von Miller and Bruce Irvin for pass rushing.

Lou Montagna
:  If you weren't playing football, what would you want to do?
Nate Askew:  I would pursue a business degree and work in sports management or be an agent.

Lou Montagna
:  What’s your attraction to Muhammad Ali? (Background photo on Twitter--@Great_Nate9)
Nate Askew:  I just love that picture.  I love his attitude.  He knew that he was the best.  That picture says it all.  He just knocked the guy out and said 'yeah, I'm the best'.  Growing up that picture has always motivated me to stay positive, no matter the obstacle.

Lou Montagna
:  Tell us something about Johnny Manziel that we wouldn't know about him.
Nate Askew:  I've known him since I was 16.  We played against him a few times.  The press tries to make him out to be something that he's not.  He's just an all around good guy and has a great sense of humor.  We'd be friends with or without A&M.


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