James White Interview
Sr. / Wisconsin / RB

Updated - 4-9-14

By: Lou Montagna


5'9"  204 lbs
Combine Results: 4.57/40, 23 Reps, 32" Vert, 9'6" Broad Jump
7.05 20-yd Shuttle, 11.76 60-yd Shuttle  7.05 3-cone
Lou Montagna:  Badgers are in the Final 4, pretty exciting right?
James White:  They're a very talented team.  They had a great season.  It's great for the school and students.
Lou Montagna:  Coach Ryan had Russell Wilson come to practice and talk to the team, what was it like playing with Russell?
James White:  Great!  RW was like a professional playing in college.  He's a guy that led by example, as well as being a vocal leader, and we fed off his energy.  He definitely carried our team.
Lou Montagna:  What lessons will you take with you from Wisconsin?
James White:  I learned a lot here.  I chose a school for great academics, a great RB tradition and a family-like atmosphere.  Our approach to offense will translate very well to the NFL.  It's helped me very much with my process.  I feel prepared for the next level and for life, in general.
Lou Montagna:  How big of an advantage is it coming from a "pro-style" offense?
James White:  It's huge.  The NFL schemes are very similar, different terminology, but the run schemes are identical.  That will help me with my reads and learning any offense that I need to.
Lou Montagna:  Tell us about your time at the Senior Bowl.. (Game stats: 11/62 1TD, 5 rec)
James White:  I played against the best SR's in the country, so I wanted to compete and give maximum effort every single day.  This was no ordinary week, but I had a lot of fun with it.  I learned what NFL coaching is like, which should help me when I get to a camp.
Lou Montagna:  Where did you workout leading up to the Combine?
James White:  In Miami with Pete Bommarito.  I was working on field and agility drills as well as improving my 40.
Lou Montagna:  How about the Combine, what was that like?
James White:  It was different.  I was doing interviews all night.  At the same time, it was important to focus on the task at hand and know what you went there to do.  When they put you in an uncomfortable position, you're still expected to perform.
Lou Montagna:  How do you feel you did in Indy?
James White:  I thought that I did well.  My goal was to not have to repeat anything at my Pro-Day.  But those things don't have much to do with playing football.  What matters most is what you do on the field.
Lou Montagna:  What has been the strangest question that you've gotten from an NFL team?
James White:  One team asked, "How many things can you build with a brick?".
Lou Montagna:  Do you have any private workouts set up?
James White:  Yes, the Dolphins later in April.
Lou Montagna:  The trendy term in NFL circles, regarding running backs, is "devalued".  What are your thoughts?
James White:  It's important for teams to run the ball.  The RB's are valuable, but I think teams feel they can get a RB at any point in the draft or free agency.  Also, since the RB career isn't that long, they don't feel like they should invest a lot of cap-space.  You can't throw the ball without being able to run it, so the position is still very valuable.
Lou Montagna:  The knock on you is short arms and small hands, what do you say to that?
James White:  I'm not really sure why that matters.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I just want to go out and play.  It should show them what I can do.  It hasn't kept me from playing well (2 fumbles in 754 career touches).
Lou Montagna:  What's your opinion on Jadeveon Clowney as a player?
James White:  He is definitely a great player.  He has freakish athletic ability and can change the game at any point.  You have to game plan around him.
Lou Montagna:  Who was the toughest player that you faced?
James White:  Ryan Shazier (Ohio St.).  He gave us problems two years straight.

Lou Montagna:  
Why should "we" draft you?
James White:  I'm going to bring a team-first, positive attitude every day.  I will compete at my position and on special-teams.  I will find a role on offense that benefits the team.  I want to get on the field as much as possible.  I will work as hard as possible to prove that I can be an every down back in the NFL.

Lou Montagna:  
What area of your game needs the most work?
James White:  Continue to get better at pass protection.  Pass pro is key to staying on the field for three downs as a RB.  The QB is the franchise, so you have to protect him.

Lou Montagna:  
We hear that you're a video-game expert, what's your favorite game?
James White:  It has to be NBA 2K.

Lou Montagna:  
If you weren't a football player, what would you want to do?
James White:  TV broadcasting or work with Nike.  I love the shoes.


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