Hakeem Smith Interview
Sr / Louisville / SS

Updated - 4-8-14

By: Lou Montagna


6'0 186 lbs
Pro-Day Results:  4.58/40, 17 reps, 37.5" vertical, 9'6" broad jump
Lou Montagna:  What was the greatest lesson that you learned at Louisville?
Hakeem Smith:  The most important thing that I learned was to take care of the little things, whether it was on the field or in the classroom and life in general.  Paying attention to details will put you in the right position for success and will build a foundation for anything you do.

Lou Montagna:
 Who has influenced your game the most?
Hakeem Smith:  Our D-Coordinator, Vance Bedford.  He taught me plenty about football, but he also gave me many life lessons.

Lou Montagna:  
Describe your experience at the East-West Shrine game
Hakeem Smith:  Visiting the hospital and seeing those kids battling.  Putting smiles on their faces when they saw us (the players) walk through the door.   It touches your heart to seem them so happy.  As far as the football part, the pro coaching was a little different.  They really worked us and focused on special-teams.

Lou Montagna:  
Where did you train for your pro-day?
Hakeem Smith:  In Florida with Mike Goff of Athletic Edge.  We worked on technique for the all the physical tests, as well as the field/positional drills.   My teammate Damian Copeland trained there with me.

Lou Montagna:  
Have any teams contacted you for workouts?
Hakeem Smith:  New England, Atlanta, and Tennessee

Lou Montagna:  
What aspect of your game do you need to improve?
Hakeem Smith:  My footwork, flipping my hips quicker, short-range explosion and ball attacking skills.  I can always improve in coverage and being more physical.

Lou Montagna:  
Which skills are strengths for you?
Hakeem Smith:  My tackling.  I also feel that I'm consistent and very productive.

Lou Montagna:  
Tell us about playing alongside Calvin Pryor
Hakeem Smith:  Very exciting.  Every game, I'd see something new.  His big hits kept us all motivated to want to make plays.

Lou Montagna:
 Which NFL player would you compare your game to?
Hakeem Smith:  Ed Reed, in his prime.

Lou Montagna:  
What does Teddy Bridgewater bring to the table?
Hakeem Smith:  He's a game-changer.  You can put him in any situation and he'll find a way to win.  He's clutch.

Lou Montagna:  
You played against Blake Bortles this year, what's your assessment of him?
Hakeem Smith:  We blitzed him a lot, but he didn't get rattled.  He stays poised and finds his receivers.  He also showed some running skills.

Lou Montagna:  
Who was the best player you faced while at UL?
Hakeem Smith:  I have three.  Geno Smith, Noel Devine, and T.Y. Hilton. 

Lou Montagna:  
What do you enjoy doing off the field?
Hakeem Smith:  I love to draw and play video games.  My drawings are usually portraits and my favorite game is "Call of Duty".

Lou Montagna:  
I'm a GM now...."why should I draft you, Hakeem?"
Hakeem Smith:  Because you're going to get a team player.  Someone who will be consistent and productive for the long-term, not just the present.


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