Dwayne Gratz Interview
Sr / Cornerback / UConn

Updated - 3-5-13

By: Alex Khvatov


Alex Khvatov:  You had a good showing on the first day of practice at the Senior Bowl, what was the difference for you out there?   

Dwayne Gratz:  I just prepared myself mentally.  API did a good job preparing me for this.  They prepared me mentally and physically.  Coach Dan Brown is one of the best in college football.  He coached me at UConn.  He did a good job with me and Blidi (Wreh-Wilson).  We showed that today.


Alex Khvatov:  What has this experience been like so far?

Dwayne Gratz:  It’s a very surreal experience.  I never thought that I would be in this position today.  Hopefully, it will work out in the long run.


Alex Khvatov:  You have been joined by LB Trevardo Williams and CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson this week, what can we expect from the UConn guys this week?  

Dwayne Gratz:  We will stand out this week.  We will just stick strong and show scouts what we can do.  Even though we came from the Big East, we are talented players and we can hang with the best of them. 


Alex Khvatov:  What are your strengths? 

Dwayne Gratz:  I am a strong and powerful cornerback.  I like to get my hands on the receiver at the line of scrimmage and slow them down.  I am cerebral.  I can make adjustments on the run.  Blidi is the same way.         


Alex Khvatov:  What areas of your game are you trying to improve upon this week?

Dwayne Gratz:  Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.  I am just trying to do everything that I can to fit into the system this week.  I am trying to do what the coaches are telling me.


Alex Khvatov:  Who was the toughest WR to cover on the first day of practice?

Dwayne Gratz:  It would have to be #1 from Texas (Marquise Goodwin).  He is a fast kid.  I knew that coming into it.  I just tried to get my hands on him to slow him down.  He got the best of me today, but I will do my best tomorrow.


Alex Khvatov:  What is your most memorable moment at UConn? 

Dwayne Gratz:  It would have to be when we went to the Fiesta Bowl.  I had that pick 6.  Everyone was screaming.  The whole world was watching.  It was amazing that a team like UConn can go to the Fiesta Bowl and play a team like Oklahoma on that type of stage.


Alex Khvatov:  Who was the toughest player that you faced over your career?

Dwayne Gratz:  It would have to be Kenny Stills.  He was a freshman at the time.  I didn’t give him much of a chance because he was a freshman.  But he proved me wrong. 


Alex Khvatov:  What are your hobbies?

Dwayne Gratz:  I like to relax.  I like to chill in the house.  I let my body relax.  I don’t like to do too much and stay on my feet at night.  We put our bodies through so much stress, so I just try to relax.


Alex Khvatov:  Finish the sentence, Dwayne Gratz is….  

Dwayne Gratz:  I am a very dedicated and passionate person.  I try to be the best person that I can be on and off the field.  I think that my teammates see that.  I try to be a leader.  I try to lead by example.  I want to show my brothers and sisters that they can make it though any situation.  They can strive to be the best that they can be as well.   


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