Devonta Freeman Interview
Jr. / Florida State / RB

Updated - 4-13-14

By: Alex Khvatov


Alex Khvatov:  What are your measurements (height, weight and forty time)?
Devonta Freeman:  At the Combine, I measured in at 5’8, 206, ran a 4.5 forty. 
Alex Khvatov:  What schools showed interest in you when you were coming out of high school?
Devonta Freeman:  Florida State, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Louisville and West Virginia.  There were a lot of big schools towards the end. 
Alex Khvatov:  Why did you choose Florida State?
Devonta Freeman:  My mind was made up when Florida State came around.  I turned everyone else down.  I talked to my mom and some other people.  My mom was struggling at the time.  I wanted to make sure that I was close, so I could rush home if I needed to.  It is a college town.  I liked the atmosphere.  All of the people, including coach Jimbo were nice to me.  It felt like home the first time that I went there. 
Alex Khvatov:  Why did you decide to enter the draft after your junior season?
Devonta Freeman:  I had my mind made up even before the season started.  I wanted to win a National Championship and have 1,000-yard season.  I wasn’t telling the media about my plan because I didn’t want it to be a distraction.  I wanted to stay focused.  Once I got the Championship and 1,000 yards, there was nothing left to accomplish.  I knew that it was time for me to go.  I wasn’t scared to take the opportunity.  I wasn’t worried. 
Alex Khvatov:  You led the Seminoles in rushing for three straight seasons, how would you grade your overall career in Tallahassee? 
Devonta Freeman:  I think that I was pretty consistent.  I would give myself an A plus.  I didn’t get as many carries as the other players out there, but I showcased my talent.  I did a very good job when I got the chance.  I had three fumbles during my career, which is pretty solid. 
Alex Khvatov:  What was it like to end your career with the National Championship? 
Devonta Freeman: You go out with a bang.  I feel like it is just one step in my life.  I see myself higher than that.  I thank God that I had the chance to play in a Championship.  But now it is in the past.  I am focusing on what’s next.  I want to go to the NFL.  I have been working on this.  I am trying to see what’s next.  I want to get drafted and make an impact.  I have all of these chapters written that I want to accomplish. 
Alex Khvatov:  Did you enjoy the experience at the Scouting Combine?
Devonta Freeman:  It was definitely a challenge.  I wasn’t used to it, but I am a real human being.  You have to adjust and adapt to your environment.  When I got the hang of it, it was time to go.  I talked to the coaches and see how they were.  I liked it a lot. 
Alex Khvatov:  What was the most unusual question that an NFL team asked you in Indy? 
Devonta Freeman:  They asked me to name all of the things that I can do with a paper clip in 50 seconds.  They like to challenge you with questions like that. 
Alex Khvatov:  Was the Pro Day a success for you?   
Devonta Freeman:  It definitely was s successful day.  I have high expectations of myself.  I accept the results that you get and let it be. 
Alex Khvatov:  Have you had any private visits with NFL teams?
Devonta Freeman:  Not yet.  I have the Vikings on April 17th
Alex Khvatov:  What are your strengths?
Devonta Freeman:  Everything.  Block, catch and run.  I pay attention to details.  If I continue to work on it, I will be great. 
Alex Khvatov:  What areas of your game do you need to improve upon?
Devonta Freeman:  Everything.  I can always get better at catching, running and blocking.  I need to make people miss in the open field.  There is always room for improvement. 
Alex Khvatov:  What is the highlight of your football career up to this point?
Devonta Freeman:  Besides the National Championship, the highlight for me was playing against Miami.  I always came through against them.  I am from Miami.  They didn’t recruit me.  Coach Jimbo had a plan to get me the ball a little more against Miami.
Alex Khvatov:  What makes QB Jameis Winston so special? 
Devonta Freeman:  It is the people around him.  He listened to the coaches and wanted to get better.  He studied film.  He is a special talent.  I feel that the only person who can stop you is yourself.  People put limitations on themselves.  You have a vision.  God wants you to accomplish it.  Anything can be accomplished. 
Alex Khvatov:  What is your favorite NFL team?
Devonta Freeman:  I have no favorite NFL team.  I liked the University of Georgia.  I knew that I was going there.  But they didn’t offer me.  It is the best thing that I wound up at Florida State. 
Alex Khvatov:  What separates you from all of the running backs in this draft?
Devonta Freeman:  I can do it all.  I can run, but anybody can run.  I can be elusive and block.  I am a complete back.  It doesn’t matter what NFL system I will go to, I will adapt.  
Alex Khvatov:  Who was the toughest player that you have faced during your career?
Devonta Freeman:  Lamarcus Joyner, Christian Jones, Timmy Jernigan and Telvin Smith.   
Alex Khvatov:  Which underclassmen on your team should we keep an eye on next season?
Devonta Freeman:  “Bobo” Wilson, Troy Cook, Kermit (Whitfield), Ryan Green, Mario Pender and Reggie Northrup.  I like all of the cornerbacks like P.J. Williams, Jalen Ramsey and Ronald Darby. 
Alex Khvatov:  What will you miss most about FSU?
Devonta Freeman:  The people.  I liked the whole college atmosphere. 
Alex Khvatov:  Which NFL player would you compare your game to?   
Devonta Freeman:  They tell me that it is Ray Rice.  Sproles a little bit.    
Alex Khvatov:  What are your hobbies?
Devonta Freeman:  I like to play baseball.  I go to the batting cage.  Baseball was my first love.  I like to hang out with my family. 
Alex Khvatov:  What do you plan to do with your life after your football career is over?
Devonta Freeman:  I want to keep going.  I want to do movies and TV shows.  I want to become an actor. 
Alex Khvatov:  What is your definition of a leader?
Devonta Freeman:  The definition of a leader is someone that leads by example.  A leader will show you the way and lead you.  It is someone who will guide you. 
Alex Khvatov:  Finish the sentence, Devonta Freeman is….
Devonta Freeman:  I have two types of personalities.  Off the football field, I am caring and sharing.  I love God.  I try to give back to my community.  I try to help the less fortunate ones because I was one of those guys.  I have a great heart.   On the field, I am an animal.  I am hungry and ferocious.  I want to take something from them. 


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