DE GABE SHERROD (Michigan State) Draft Journal #2

Today is my birthday.  This time next week will be my Pro Day at Michigan State.  So many emotions run through my head as this time approaches.  I can’t help but to think back nearly 16 years ago, when this journey began on the Pop Warner Fields of Perryville Middle School.  The 7 – 11 store where I cried my eyes out to get my mom to sign me up for football.  And now, here I am just seven days away from the “make it or break it” point of this unforgettable journey.  
I love the game of football.   I have loved it ever since I was old enough to understand it and hit somebody.  I know my journey does not end on March 22, 2017 on Pro Day.  Rather, I know it is just the start of a new chapter in my football life.  No combine invite – so what !  I like being the dark horse and being doubted.  After all, that’s always been my persona.  The guy that may not have every ounce of talent, but is guaranteed to outwork everybody on the field.   I’m in  a good space right now both mentally and physically.  I know I did everything in my power to train for this moment and I am prepared.  I left nothing to later regret.  During this process, I learned to discipline myself, practice patience, and find my inner strength.  The strength to press through a very tough season, and the resilience to take criticism and understand that there is always tomorrow.  I intend to prove myself as an NFL player on March 22.  See you in East Lansing.

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