WR Dayvon Ross (Central State) Draft Diary




Dayvon Ross's Pro Day:



Dear Journal: The road to success with Dayvon Ross part 4
     This has been the best week thus far for me.  This week, I have been focusing on my eating habit to become lighter on my feet.  My training has become a lot easier for me.  My trainer has included several combine drills.  He feels if I continue to work at the rate I’m in, I will master all of the drills.  I’ve also spoken with two NFL scouts about my skill sets.  They were both intrigued with my size, speed and my route running ability.  They also gave me advice on what I should focus on.  The feeling that I had speaking to them was amazing.  I feel like I’m that much closer to my dream.  In conclusion, week after week has been exciting for me.  I can only say that with consistent prayer and worshipping God will get you where you need to go.  Stay humbled and trust that your dream will come true.



Dear Journal: The road to success with Dayvon Ross: part 3         
Let’s see!  It’s been about a week since my last journal.  It’s been a short week with so much to talk about.  Since I have been getting ready for the NFL combine, I’ve decided to include more training to my weekends and included night hot yoga. On the weekends, I have been working with Dwayne Frampton on my route running and breaking down films.  Dwayne is the All-Time-Receiving-leader at Arkansas State University.  He has really helped me understand film watching.  It helped me understand how to break down plays, what to improve on for my open ability, and what helps teams win.  Working with him on routes has helped me get in and out of my breaks.  

I am also taking a class called hot yoga in Marina Del Rey to enhance my flexibility and my breathing.  Hot yoga has helped me get closer to my playing weight, which is 212 pounds.  As you can see football isn’t about tackles and touchdowns, but it is about hard work.  I can honestly say that God has truly blessed me to be where I am.  I have been asked to do several interviews, radio shows, and appeared on KTLA for an exclusive interview.  It is hard work, but I do have some exciting moments.  It is a good feeling to see people supporting me and speaking positive words, whether I’m on or off the field.  Once again, continue to follow my success and always put God first in anything you do.


Dear Journal: The road to success with Dayvon Ross


    My road to the NFL hasn’t been easy, but the struggle of different roadblocks on my way has kept me motivated.  I recently came out here to Pasadena, California from Ohio to enhance my speed and agility.  I have been working extremely well if I say so myself.  I feel that I have improved my speed, how well my take off is and my cuts.  I have been working with three-time All-American Olympic sprinter Kaaron Conwright.  Working with him has helped me improve my speed.  He also helped me with my running form and understanding of relaxation as I run.  Training and working out comes with a healthy diet.  I love to eat, but like they say when you want something in life you eat, breath, and sleep it.  My diet has gotten better.  I have learned new healthy recipes that have helped me lose pounds.  I need to become lighter on my feet.  If I continue at the rate I’m in, my 40-yard dash time will be right where I want it to be which is a low 4.4.  I know that I’m ready for the NFL combine.  I am training so hard for the sake of fulfilling my dream.  My biggest motivation in life is my beautiful daughter Drew Bella Ross.  I work hard because I would never want her struggle in life like I have.  I pray every day because without God I’m nothing.  I tell younger boys out there keep going, don’t ever quit because a goal is nothing without hard work.


I’m Dayvon Ross.  I am 6’1, 210-pound WR from Central State University.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  I was one of the top receivers coming out of high school.  My senior season, I received first team everything.  It was spectacular because I played with guys who are ripping it up now in the Pac-12 and in the NFL like Robert Woods, Marqise Lee, Rahim Moore, Johnathan Franklin and De’Anthony Thomas.  I was the top WR in that division for two straight years and committed to UCLA for football.  When the time came to go to UCLA, I was short on classes.  So I was forced to attend community college where I was named one of the top WR’s.  Then I committed to the University of Virginia, but I encountered yet another roadblock.  My online classes did not meet the requirement for the ACC conference, so I was forced to go to Central State.  It is a D2 school in Ohio where my first season went well.  I had 82 catches for 979 and 8 TD’s.  I also missed three games that year.  I feel that I’m the best WR in this year’s Draft.  I bring a lot to the table.  I bring smarts, size, speed, hands and route running ability.  If that doesn’t say enough, I went to a Nike camp with all of the top college football players in the nation.  I was the only small school guy there and I outperformed Sammy Watkins with a five star showing.  I understand that this game is built on politics, but I feel like you can’t look past the fact that I’m better than a lot of the guys in this draft.  



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