David Quessenberry Interview
OT / San Jose State / Sr.

Updated - 6-25-12

By: Alex Khvatov


Alex Khvatov:  What are your measurements (height, weight and forty time)?

David Quessenberry:  I am about 6’5, 290 pounds, 5.10 forty.


Alex Khvatov:  What schools recruited you when you were coming out of high school? 

David Quessenberry:  I wasn’t heavily recruited.  I was offered a walk-on spot at San Jose State.


Alex Khvatov:  Are you happy with the choice that you made by coming here?

David Quessenberry:  Absolutely.  I am lucky to be in the position that I am in.  They believed in me.  They worked hard with me to bring out the best in me.  I am in a good spot right now.


Alex Khvatov:  Describe your junior season to us.   

David Quessenberry:  I think that last year was a growing experience for us as a team.  We beat Navy and Fresno State.  We finished strong.  We didn’t win as many games as we would have liked.  But a lot of guys gained experience, and we really developed in every position.  


Alex Khvatov:  What are your expectations for this upcoming season from a team and individual standpoint?

David Quessenberry:  We had a great spring.  We had a lot of guys coming back.  We have experience on this team this year.  As a team, our goal is to win the WAC and go to a bowl game.  Individually, I want to play my best every game and help my team win.


Alex Khvatov:  What are your strengths on the football field?

David Quessenberry:  I play hard on every play.  I give it my all in every game.  I don’t take any plays off.  I never take plays off.  I try to help my team win.


Alex Khvatov:  What areas of your game do you need to improve upon?

David Quessenberry:  I need to improve on everything.  Run blocking, pass blocking, communication and football knowledge.  I also need to improve my knee bend. 


Alex Khvatov:  What is the highlight of your football career up to this point?

David Quessenberry:  There were a bunch of them last season.  But there is one that stands out above the rest.  It is when Navy came to San Jose, and I got to play against my younger brother.  My brother, our coaches and I all took a picture after the game.  It was a great moment.  


Alex Khvatov:  Are you excited about the prospect of playing your younger brother again this year?  

David Quessenberry:  I am really excited.  He didn’t see the field for Navy last year because he was a freshman.  This year he is fighting for a starting defensive end job.  I am fired up that we can actually go head to head against each other.  It is a unique experience. 


Alex Khvatov:  What is your favorite NFL team?

David Quessenberry:  My favorite team is the San Diego Chargers.  I am a San Diego kid.   


Alex Khvatov:  Who is your favorite NFL player?

David Quessenberry:  LaDainian Tomlinson was my favorite player when he played for the Chargers.  He is a class act. 


Alex Khvatov:  What separates you from all of the other players at your position?

David Quessenberry:  I will bring it on every play.  I will compete.  I never take plays off. 


Alex Khvatov:  What is the greatest lesson that you have learned in life so far?

David Quessenberry:  Lead by example.


Alex Khvatov:  What does it take to be a leader?

David Quessenberry:  A guy that goes the extra mile on and off the field.  It is someone who is always doing the right thing.  Someone who is always working hard.


Alex Khvatov:  Who was the toughest player that you have faced during your career?

David Quessenberry:  J.J. Watt from Wisconsin.  He was a relentless pass rusher and a talented guy.


Alex Khvatov:  Which players on your team are ready to have a breakout season?

David Quessenberry:  DT Joe Nigos has battled injuries, but he was granted his sixth year of eligibility.  He is a heck of a player.  TE Ryan Otten, DE Travis Johnson and WR Noel Grigsby. 


Alex Khvatov:  What are your hobbies away from the football field?

David Quessenberry:  I love to surf.  I grew up surfing in San Diego.  I have my board up here at San Jose State and I try to go to Santa Cruz as much as I can. 


Alex Khvatov:  Finish the sentence, David Quessenberry is….   

David Quessenberry:  I am a leader.  I am a pretty laid back guy off the field.  On the field, it is all business.  I am an intense player.


Photo courtesy of Terrell Lloyd, San Jose State athletics


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