Christian Robinson Interview

Christian Robinson – Wide Receiver – Senior – Morehead State


Alex Khavtov:  What are your measurements (height, weight and forty time)?
Christian Robinson:  5-11, 196Ibs, 4.5.

Alex Khavtov:  Coming out of high school, what programs showed interest in you?
Christian Robinson:  Morehead State, UT Martin, Charlotte 49ers, a couple D-2 and D-3 schools.

Alex Khavtov:  Why did you choose Morehead State?
Christian Robinson:  Morehead State is a school that gave me the opportunity to play at the next level.  Morehead is a place that made me feel at home while on my visit, and continued to be a home for me as I have continued my studies.  I had a great relationship with the coaches, and appreciated how they recognized my potential as a player.

Alex Khavtov:  What are your strengths?
Christian Robinson:  I am able to adapt to my environment, and am highly coachable.  I recognize situations and have great instincts on the field.  I have great play recognition, and am very quick in positioning myself.  Although I have these strengths, I can and will continue to get better in every aspect of my game.

Alex Khavtov:  What areas of your game are you trying to improve upon?
Christian Robinson:  I am trying to improve on being more aggressive, route running, hands, and endurance/stamina.

Alex Khavtov:  Describe your overall career to us.
Christian Robinson:  My freshmen year of high school, I stood out to the coaches in practice and games.  I proved to them that I had plenty of potential to play on varsity.  My sophomore year, during the third game of the season, I started my first varsity game.  I quickly became well known and from then on through my senior year of high school I became the offensive staple, having 750 plus receiving yards in each of my three years on varsity, respectively.  My offensive talents caught the eyes of Morehead State University.  As I made my move into collegiate football, things changed quite a bit, but it didn’t stop me from contributing on the field my freshman year there.  The pace of the game became much quicker at this level, but it was nothing that I couldn’t handle, and I was well prepared.  I played as a true freshman at Morehead State as a wide receiver and started on all special teams.  From then on, I became a special teams stalwart, which lead to the honor of becoming the special teams captain my junior year at MSU.  Offensively I am now a slot receiver, and because of my quickness, I am able to thrive and adapt to the environment in that position.  Now, heading into my senior season, I look to continue being a great leader in every aspect of the game, as well as off the field.  I am looking to make more plays this year, and hopefully catch the attention of recruiters at the next level.

Alex Khavtov:  What have you learned about your team after spring practice?
Christian Robinson:  We play with a lot of pace; a lot of people are bought in to what we are trying to do at Morehead State.  We are very athletic.  We are a family.

Alex Khavtov:  What are your individual and team goals for your senior season?
Christian Robinson:  We want to be top 5 in the conference in special teams, top 5 in all offensive categories and win the PFL as a team.  Individually, I want to set career highs in both receptions and yards, make a few pancake blocks and six or more tackles on special teams.

Alex Khavtov:  What is the highlight of your career up to this point?
Christian Robinson:  The highlight of my career happened my sophomore season, and we were playing the Campbell Camels on their homecoming, so the stadium was loud and packed they had the lead late in the 4th quarter.  We had the ball on the 2nd or 3rd yard line going in to score.  It was 4th and goal, and I was the quarterback in the wildcat formation.  I ran it in off tackle to win the game and I’ll never forget the feeling of my teammates and I celebrating together on the field.

Alex Khavtov:  What is your favorite NFL team?
Christian Robinson:  The Falcons and the Patriots

Alex Khavtov:  Who is your favorite NFL player?
Christian Robinson:  Tom Brady.

Alex Khavtov:  What is the most important trait for a WR?
Christian Robinson:  Patience.  Not rushing through the route, being under control during the route, patience in press coverage and patience in coverage recognition.

Alex Khavtov:  What other players on your team should we keep an eye on this season?
Christian Robinson:  Jarin Higginbotham, Brandyn Duncan, Jake Sutherland, Nate Sames, Colt Briggs, Braylyn Cook, Lawson Page and Juanyea Tarver.

Alex Khavtov:  What do you enjoy most about football?
Christian Robinson:  I enjoy competing next to my teammates.  We go through everything together, and there is no better feeling than going to fight next to them every Saturday.

Alex Khavtov:  What are your hobbies?
Christian Robinson:  Eating food, playing video games, watching film, going to the park, hanging with friends and playing spike ball.

Alex Khavtov:  What do you want to do with your life after your football career is over?
Christian Robinson:  I would love to go into the personal training profession.  I have thought about the option of going to graduate school for exercise and sport science.

Alex Khavtov:  What makes you unique?
Christian Robinson:  I am a leader by example, and care about my studies as well as football.  I carry myself with dignity and respect on and off the field, as I am a reflection of my University and our football program.  I am a captain of the Morehead State Football team, an accolade that I take much pride and responsibility in.  I consider myself a guy who strives to make my teammates better, and lift them up when they need it and push them when they are doing well.  I am an easy going, fun-loving guy who tends to be pretty goofy.  At the end of the day, I just want what is best for my teammates, and for my team as a whole.  Also, my work ethic is something that sets me aside from others.  I never give up, and I always believe that my goals are possible.

Alex Khavtov:  What is the biggest lesson that you have learned thus far?
Christian Robinson:  Both on and off the field, I have learned to not be afraid to try and experience new things.  I have learned that it takes commitment and desire to earn a spot on the field.  It is not something that is given to me, and I must take advantage of every opportunity that I am presented with.

Alex Khavtov:  Finish the sentence, Christian Robinson…
Christian Robinson:  A class act.  I carry myself with confidence and respect.  I have utmost respect for all who surround me and I am unique in my own way.  I am fun-loving, goofy and happy.  At the same time, I am relentless, hard-working and gritty.  I have the work ethic that every coach wants every player on his team to have.  I am the guy who will put somebody on their butt, but then pick them up on that same play.  I am loyal and trustworthy to my teammates, friends and family.

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