Chad Bumphis Interview
Sr / Mississippi St. / WR

Updated - 12-10-12

By: Alex Khvatov


Alex Khvatov:  What are your measurements (height, weight and forty time)?

Chad Bumphis: I'm 5-11 and 200 pounds and run somewhere between a 4.4-4.6.


Alex Khvatov:  You were a heralded recruit coming out of high school, what programs were interested in you?


Chad Bumphis: Florida was definitely a big program that was interested in me because Coach Mullen kept showing up in Tupelo to watch me play when he coached there.  Alabama, LSU and pretty much the rest of the SEC also recruited me pretty heavily.


Alex Khvatov:  Why did you choose Mississippi State?


Chad Bumphis: I had a great relationship with Coach Mullen and knew with his offensive mind he could develop me into a NFL-type wide receiver. That and the fact that Starkville is only an hour away from my home in Tupelo made it an easy decision.


Alex Khvatov:  Briefly describe your career to us.


Chad Bumphis: I don't know what to say, other than it was a great four years and I made some friends and bonds with people that will never be broken. I had a lot of fun and I was fortunate to win a lot of games and will cherish this experience forever.


Alex Khvatov:  You had a breakout senior campaign, what are the main reasons behind that success?


Chad Bumphis: I'm not sure what the main reasons are other than hard work and attention to detail. I tried really hard to take my game to a whole other level this year, and I think it paid off. But to be honest, it's a credit to Coach Brewster, Coach Mullen, Tyler and the rest of the offense for helping me be in the position I was to put up numbers.


Alex Khvatov:  You broke the all-time TD receptions record at the school during your senior season, how does it feel to be on top?


Chad Bumphis: It's a humbling feeling. They tell me every now and then about this record or that record, but to me it's not about that. It's about being successful and teaching the young guys, so when I leave they'll break those records.


Alex Khvatov:  Your team will face a tough Northwestern team in the Gator Bowl, what can you tell me about your opponent?


Chad Bumphis: I actually can't tell you much about them. I've seen a couple of their games on television when they played early and we had night games, but I really don't know much about them.


Alex Khvatov:  Tell me about your teammate QB Tyler Russell.


Chad Bumphis: Tyler is a great leader and he's going to be a NFL quarterback one day. We have a real good connection out there and he just makes my job so much easier.


Alex Khvatov:  Is Dan Mullen one of the most underrated coaches in the nation?


Chad Bumphis: Absolutely. He's taken us to three-straight bowl games for the second time ever.  He is a player's coach, and I'm proud to call him my coach.


Alex Khvatov:  What are your strengths on the football field?


Chad Bumphis: I think my attention to detail in my routes as well as my hands.


Alex Khvatov:  What areas of your game do you need to improve upon?


Chad Bumphis: I'm going to use the next few months to work on becoming a little bit quicker. I'm not slow at all, but I would love to get that first step just a hair faster.


Alex Khvatov:  What is the highlight of your career up to this point?


Chad Bumphis: Geez, I have so many great memories.  I don't know where to start. At Troy, I had three touchdowns this year and I felt like I couldn't be stopped. I also had a good game at LSU this year, and their secondary is legit so that was pretty cool.


Alex Khvatov:  What is your favorite NFL team?


Chad Bumphis: Don't really have one.


Alex Khvatov:  Who is your favorite NFL player?


Chad Bumphis: Really just all of the Pro Bowl type of wide receivers. I try to watch their game, take notes and apply it to my game.


Alex Khvatov:  What do you enjoy the most about playing college football?


Chad Bumphis: I just enjoy the brotherhood we have in the locker room. Just knowing these guys will be there for me on and off the field for the rest of my life is a special thing.


Alex Khvatov:  What are your hobbies?


Chad Bumphis: Pretty much I only really have time for school, sleeping and football.  I'd have to say my favorite hobby is taking a nap.


Alex Khvatov:  What is your plan for the future?


Chad Bumphis: Play in the NFL


Alex Khvatov:  What five words best describe you?


Chad Bumphis: Hungry to achieve great success.



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