Brandon McGee Interview
Sr / Miami (Fl) / CB

Updated - 4-10-13

By: Lou Montagna


Lou Montagna:  Describe your time at Miami

Brandon McGee:  Great school.  Coach Golden and the staff really helped me develop as a player.  I built great relationships with my teammates and it was an honor to represent the “U”.

Lou Montagna:  How much of a distraction were the NCAA allegations on the program?

Brandon McGee:  Only as much as we made of it.  The whole thing was out of our control.  Coach Golden did a great job keeping us focused.

Lou Montagna:  What was the biggest thing you learned from Coach Golden?

Brandon McGee:  Football IQ, knowing where I needed to be on the field at all times as a CB, and how to prepare for my opponents.

Lou Montagna:  How did you feel about your week at the East-West Shrine game?

Brandon McGee:  I got the opportunity to line up against some of the best players in the nation.  I feel that I showcased my talents for the scouts and did very well.  Working with Coach Marlon McRee was a great experience and taught me more about being a professional.

Lou Montagna:  You ran a 4.38 and a 4.41 at your Pro day, is that your best?

Brandon McGee:  I was running in the 4.2’s and 4.3’s in training, but I think I had a good day.

Lou Montagna:  Who has been helping you during your draft preparation?

Brandon McGee:  Pete Barbarito and Tony Sands.  Coach Sands trained Al Harris (former NFL CB and current Chiefs assistant).

Lou Montagna:  Which current or former NFL player do you compare yourself to?

Brandon McGee:  Charles Woodson is my favorite.  He’s a great playmaker, very intelligent and versatile.  I see myself with those skills.

Lou Montagna:  What’s your greatest asset as a player?

Brandon McGee:  My football intelligence, understanding the X’s and O’s, ability to learn different defenses and making in-game adjustments.

Lou Montagna:  What are your expectations on where you’ll be drafted?

Brandon McGee:  It doesn’t really matter to me.  I just want to get that phone call and get started.  I probably won’t even watch the draft; I’ll be playing basketball or something else.

Lou Montagna:  Tell us something you enjoy outside of football.

Brandon McGee:  I’ve loved music since I was a toddler.  It’s a great escape from the game, a form of therapy, really.

Lou Montagna:  Who are the top 3 artists on your iPod?

Brandon McGee:  Erykah Badu, Andre 3000 and Kendrick Lamar.

Lou Montagna:  What excites you the most about the opportunity to play in the NFL?

Brandon McGee:  Not many are able to fulfill a childhood dream and I am very close.  Also, I have a lot of kids back home pulling for me.  I want to be an inspiration for them.

Lou Montagna:  What would you tell an NFL team thinking about drafting you?

Brandon McGee:  You are going to get a smart, humble, hard-working, and accountable player.  I come from a rich tradition of South Florida players, so I have very high standards for myself.  I also will bring a swagger to the field and my teammates.


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