Bernard Reedy Interview
WR / Toledo / Sr

Updated - 10-9-13

By: Lou Montagna


Lou Montagna:  How’s your season gone so far?
Bernard Reedy:  Pretty average to this point.  It was a great experience playing at Florida and Missouri.  I’m expecting to breakout very soon.
Lou Montagna:  What was the biggest difference when facing the SEC teams vs. the rest of your schedule?
Bernard Reedy:  Those teams seem to have more NFL-caliber players, and the general atmosphere around the games.
Lou Montagna:  What made you choose Toledo?
Bernard Reedy:  I made my decision late in the process, but Toledo stuck with me throughout.  It turned out to be the right choice for me.

Lou Montagna:
  You were behind Eric Page your first two years there, what was that like?
Bernard Reedy:  It was humbling and a great life lesson.  It taught me that I had to work harder.  Eric showed me how to practice consistently.  I am a much better player today because of it.
Lou Montagna:  You’ve worked out with former Rocket, Lance Moore, what have you learned from him?
Bernard Reedy:  To stay humble, always work to improve, and be a professional at my craft.
Lou Montagna:  Give us your brightest moment in football.
Bernard Reedy:  My kickoff return for a TD vs. Cincinnati last year, when they were ranked.
Lou Montagna:  How about one you’d like to forget?
Bernard Reedy:  Last season at Buffalo.  It was cold and raining, I had a bunch of drops.  Miserable.
Lou Montagna:  What is your biggest strength on the field?
Bernard Reedy:  My speed and versatility.
Lou Montagna:  Which area of your game needs work?
Bernard Reedy:  My strength at the catch-point when the DB is on my back.
Lou Montagna:  How often do you think about playing in the NFL?
Bernard Reedy:  Everyday, when I get up.  Probably, since I began being recruited at the end of 10th grade.
Lou Montagna:  Some draft sites have you rated the #51 WR in the 2014 Draft, what would you say to them?
Bernard Reedy:  Let the season play out, then watch my film closer. You’ll see my all-around game and my return skills should push me way up.
Lou Montagna:  Which NFL player’s game does yours most resemble?
Bernard Reedy:  DeSean Jackson, Andrew Hawkins or Tavon Austin.
Lou Montagna:  You’re on the watch list for the Hornung, Johnny Rodgers, and Biletnikoff Awards, what does that mean to you?
Bernard Reedy:  I’m humbled to be mentioned.  I see some of that stuff on Twitter, but I don’t pay much attention.  It’s all about the team and winning the MAC right now.
Lou Montagna:  Tell us about Bernard off the field.
Bernard Reedy:  I love hanging out with my teammates, playing video games, fishing and when I’m home I jet-ski or ride my dirt bike.
Lou Montagna:  Last one, fill in the blank.  Bernard Reedy is ______.
Bernard Reedy:  As good as advertised.


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